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Thirunangai Swayamvara - Announcement

Click here is a matrimonial website for Tamil transsexual women. Transsexual women by birth may not be physically women. But by soul and heart, we are real women. Later in our journey towards completeness, we go through innumerable struggles. And only those who are courageous, succeed.

Transsexual women found in this website have transitioned successfully. However, almost all of them are economically downtrodden. These women have been abandoned from their biological familes because of their gender identity. Family and relationships are just distant dreams for them.

Having abandoned from their biological familes because of their gender identity, having a family and relationships are just dreams for them. Love and marriage are distant dreams which never become realities. For many of us, these are realities of nightmare and exploitations from men.

The Tamil people are slowly starting to accept transsexual women, recognize our gender identity. We have worked hard for this change. Many thanks to the goverment of Tamilnadu, the media, NGOs and number of human rights activists who have understood our struggle and have been supportive in many ways. is an effort from Sahodari Foundation in this direction. This project is a genuine attempt in two ways. One, to find the right men as lifepartners for these women and two, to start a dialogue on marital and adoption rights for transsexual women.