Kalki at the street play campaIgn for social acceptance in 2009 at Chennai

About Sahodari Foundation

The Trustees

Sahodari Foundation is one of the pioneering organization in India which has been working for the welfare of the transgender, intersex and gender non binary community since 2007.

The organization is a movement, a family, and a team of young transsexual people, volunteers and friends. Sahodari was founded by transgender rights activist, artist and writer Kalki Subramaniam.

Though formally registered the organisation in July 2008, Sahodari Foundation does not believe in a regular organization structure, we work like a family of volunteers and members . We have completed ten years and have been very active in transgender rights advocacy in India. Since 2012, our focus was on legal recognition and we campaigned in many places in India among the Judiciary for legal recognition. In 2016, we focus on jobs and education for trans people. From 2017, our focus is on education, arts & literature and media for transgender people in the country.

The Foundation’s main objectives include the following:

  • To promote social, political, and economic equity and campaign for civil and legal rights of Transgender and intersex people.
  • To work for establishing social, economic, and environmental justice for Transgenders, intersex and gender non-confirming people and to eliminate oppression and exclusion based on such factors as race, ethnicity, gender, class, religion, legal status, sexual orientation, age, and disability.
  • To prohibit discrimination based on “gender identity or expression” and ensure that the entire range of transgender, intersex and gender non-conforming people are protected.

The organisation has received many awards for its contributions. Read more in this page. Sahodari welcomes funders to support our project initiatives. Currently, our work is supported through small donations from friends and well wishers. We have done tremendous work with this available fund resources. We request major support for different projects, so that, we can transform the under privileged trans community for a hopeful future by empowering them.

We believe in bringing a visionary and positive change in the community. Our every step, every project is taken with that mission in mind.

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