Transgender Issues we work on


Aging is a severe problem for the poor transsexual women. These senior citizens are not accepted in the Homes for the Aged. They mostly live with transgender women’s families of Jamaths. They can not go for begging because of their age. They depend on the young people in the family for survival. Though the young transsexuals respect the seniors, they may not be able to help older transsexual women fully. Many old community members are diabetic and have high or low blood pressure.

It is important to help these people. State governments should set up separate homes for senior transsexual people in every district or in the existing Government Homes for the Aged, there must be a special facility to include older transsexual people.

The governments must reach out to these people in need of help desperately. Sahodari has been insisting the government to open Homes for the Aged transsexual people in every district of Tamilnadu state.