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‘We are not the Others’ – Transgender painters of Sahodari Foundation come to Bangalore

Here comes February and with it comes love and art. The transgender artists of Sahodari Foundation will participate and showcase their beautiful artworks at an exhibition organised by the foundation in Bangalore International Centre located in Domlur, Bengaluru. Around 25 artists from the transgender community will showcase their paintings in a show aptly titled with Pride ‘We are not the […]

Abinaya, the talented transgender artist gone too soon

Another transgender girl is gone. Gone too soon. Abinaya, a long term friend of me and a participant in many of our Sahodari Foundation workshops and programs died in Chennai under mysterious circumstances. She was a wonderful Bharatnatyam dancer, a talented painter and a henna artist. She was a pre op trans woman who had suffered from epilepsy for so […]