Transgender Issues we work on

Depression and low self esteem

Many transsexual people have a low self esteem and self worth because of their difficult childhood. Many of them had been driven out or flee from their homes in teens and early twenties.

These people are mistreated wherever they go, wherever they choose to work. The verbal and physical abuse, the insults from people, the constant threat and danger from the rowdies and other sexual perverted men make them depressed. This is also one of the main reasons why transsexual people turn to alcohol for solace and happiness.

Such transsexual people need counselling, mental health care, personality development programmes and therapies which can improve them and raise their self worth.

Sahodari has been initiating health camps for small groups of people by inviting physiotherapists, naturopathy doctors and acupuncturists.  These doctors volunteer and offer therapy and consultation free of cost for the community.

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