Transgender Issues we work on

Documentation problems

During and after transitioning from male to female or female to male, transsexual people have problems in legally getting accepted in their new identities. Even after SRS, and getting a certificate from the surgeon, it is a cumbersome process in getting a new family card, voter’s id card, drivers license or a passport. For transsexuals who have done a penectomy and not an SRS, it is even more complicated and difficult.

Thanks to the Tamilnadu government, it is has started to issue ID cards for transsexual people. This will help us in many ways. However, there is still a debate within the transsexual community if the transwomen should be identified as a third gender or be included as women. The choice must be the community’s and the goverment must provide this through law.

The transgender should also be included in the Census India 2011.

Below see Kalki’s documentary on the census and the inclusion of transgender in the Indian Census 2010.

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