Transgender Issues we work on


90% of transgenders don’t complete even their secondary school education. Their academic knowledge is poor. Because of this reason, even if an organisation employs them, they are offered only very low income jobs. Some transgenders accept it, but their economic needs pressurise them to leave these jobs and once again engage in begging and sex work.

Fortunately, the Tamilnadu transgender welfare board offers scholarship money for transgenders who are interested in pursuing education in colleges and universities. This is a revolutionary step in empowering the community.

Educating the transgenders by providing them with skill development programmes can change their lives for better. Skills in writing, reading and speaking in their mother tongue, and coaching them in English along with computer skills could take them to places.

Sahodari will offer these skills to transgender people who have interest but do not have the opportunity.

Kalki Subramaniam, being an artist as well, in 2016 wanted to support under privileged transgender women in their education. She sold her artworks and raised funds and has began to support the community.

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