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Get involved – Donate to Sahodari

If you feel moved and supported by our efforts, we hope that you will consider making a donation to us. Even the smallest contributions can make a difference.

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Help cover our operating expenses

Your donation will cover our operating costs so that we can continue our compassionate work for underprivileged transsexual people. Please mail us if you would like support us through your donations. Our mail address is:


If you represent a company that may want to sponsor us, please email us at We look for sponsors for many of our noble programs and events. Thank you very much.

Donate an education opportunity

Almost 93% of the transgender people in India are school dropouts. They could not continue their education at school oweing to the discrimination and an uncertain future full of fear. These individuals are seeking help to develop their skills and educate themselves further for a better livelihood and standing in the society. If you’d like to help a transgender who wants to study, write to us:

Why your support is vital?

We rely entirely on voluntary donations to fund our transgender advocacy projects. Your gift of any amount will help and support our Foundation’s transgender empowerment projects.

If you need more information write an email to us :

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