Transgender Issues we work on

HIV Care & hygiene

In many private health care clinics and also in government clinics, the discrimination still exists in treating a transgender patient. A transsexual woman may not be addressed properly in the gender that she identifies, and may not be treated with dignity. Medical fraternity still needs to completely understand the transgender community issues and treat them with respect and dignity,

Transgender people, who are into sex work, do not practice hygienic activities. Though they insist their clients to use condoms, and protect themselves and their clients from HIV/STD, they are still prone to getting other diseases like skin diseases because of lack of hygienic practices. This is a serious health problem. Transgenders need to be seriously sensitized on hygienic practices.

At Sahodari, we also do sensitization programmes on transgender issues to the medical fraternity who include doctors, nurses and counsellors.

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