Welcome to Sahodari Foundation for Queer Arts and Culture.

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Welcome to Sahodari Foundation Centre for Queer and Transgender Arts and Culture. Found in 2008, it is a pioneering organisation in India which has initiated some of the creative and innovative projects that have inspired social changes for the transgender and non binary community in the India.


Red Wall project







The Red Wall Project from Sahodari Foundation documents the personal stories of transgender, gender fluid and gender non conforming people who have been victims of gender based violence and sexual exploitations. We resist gender based violence using Art as a powerful tool and a loud voice.

Sahodari Foundation’s Red Wall project is making a positive difference in the transgender community through art. For the past one year, the team of Sahodari Foundation has been collecting testimonials from the trans and gender non binary people who have been victims of physical and sexual violence. With the victim’s consent brought the testimonials of more than 500 transgender people for public viewing to protest against the shameful act of violence against trans and gender non binary people. Visit the Red Wall project for more information.


Kalki Subramaniam Activist and Artist
Kalki Subramaniam

Kalki Subramaniam is the founder and visionary behind the Sahodari Foundation. Kalki is a transgender rights activist, artist, poet and actor. She holds two Master’s degrees and is an IVLP fellow, a Harvard speaker in and the recipient of several awards for transgender rights activism. The projects of Sahodari Foundation are her vision in making the trans voices empowered for generations to come. Recently she was conferred the International Ambassador for Life Title from TransAmsterdam organisation in Netherlands. 

Contact Kalki Subramaniam for seminars, lectures, workshops or media interviews: Call: 91 + 7639741916 or write to: aurokalki at gmail.com.

Check her website www.kalkisubramaniam.com