Transgender Issues we work on

Hormone pill abuse

In trying to be the real person, honest with their identities and in pursuit of completing their transition, many transgenders take hormone pills, capsules and injections without the advice of endocrinologists. This is highly dangerous as this can lead to many physical complications.

There are very few endocrinologists who can help transsexual people on transitioning successfully. Most of the medical fraternity, including psychiatrists, are not sensitised on transgender and sex reassignment surgery issues. Transgender people need proper medical intervention and help. Many male-to-female transsexuals undergo Penectomy from doctors who are not qualified to do so. Often, this results in complications like the blockage of urinary passage etc. Read here on illegal penectomy (link to Penectomy).

Tamilnadu government’s aid for free sex reassignment surgery is a very progressive move, If the government sets up Gender Dysphoric Clinics for transgender people in the state, that can solve many health problems of the community. We are moving the Tamilnadu government on this issue.

While the state of Tamilnadu is progressing in recognising transsexual people’s needs, rest of India is still far behind. That is why we have been advocating for transgender people’s rights in the neighbouring state Kerala, where transgender rights are still unheard of.

Click on the logo above to readKalki’s interview on medical health of Transgender community in MedIndia Magazine

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