Transgender Issues we work on

Tobacco and alcohol abuse

Many transsexual women have been found to be using tobacco in various forms. Our understanding, they are addicted to tobacco because of depression, loneliness and insecurity.

Consumption of alcohol is also found among many transsexual people. This is usually found among sex workers who wanted to get rid of their fears when they meet their clients. Many sex workers among the transsexual community desperately need treatment to avoid tobacco and alcohol and need counselling help.

See Kalki’s video – Tobacco Abuse in Transsexual Women

On October 11, 2009, students from Madras School of Social Work and Sahodari conducted a mobile detoxification health camp. It was a part of the SHE campaign the MSSW students organised with Sahodari and Tamilnadu Tourism. Over 35 transgender women from Chennai city were provded free consultation by doctor Meenakshi Sundaram, a accupuncturist. Accupuncture and ayurveda were combined and used for this campaign.The transwomn who have accessed this service will be folloed by the doctor for regular treatment and wellness. It was a success in the first phase. We will provide this service for more people in the future.

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