Discover Kalki

Discover Kalki

The founder of Sahodari Foundation, Kalki Subramaniam is an artist, activist, actor and a writer who is also a transgender woman.

Kalki found the Sahodari Foundation in 2008 to establish social justice and recognise transgender people’s rights in India. For more than a decade she has worked intensively and achieved milestones for the rights of the community. Her contribution to the verdict and recognition of transgender identity by the Supreme court of India in 2014 is immense and noteworthy.

Kalki holds two Masters degrees and was conferred Honorary Doctorate in 2017 for her work on transgender empowerment in India. She has spoken at Harvard University on transgender rights and received standing ovation for her thoughtful and moving speech in February 2017.

Kalki pioneered in using communication and technology in the advancement of LGBT rights. An early Blogger and Youtuber since 2006, her knowledge has been put to great use for the empowerment of an entire community. Passionate about art, Kalki is a self-made artist who has done art shows across continents. She offers workshops to gender non conforming and transgender people through the Trans/Hearts project which she launched in 2017.

A highly wanted motivational speaker among the youth, she has spoken among more than a million students in the last decade and is continuing to inspire people with her messages. Sahodari Foundation is a non-funded small yet powerful organisation that focusses on knowledge, education, life skills and artistic aspirations and expressions of the LGBT community. Know more about Kalki Subramaniam from her personal website You can know about her activism, art and literary contributions, films and speeches she made, read articles she wrote and buy her exclusive artworks.

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