For fifteen years, Sahodari Foundation has encouraged and invested in the talent of the transgender community in bringing visibility to their skills and bringing empowering their livelihood.

Rewind 2021: Look at their smiles! At Pollachi in Tamilnadu, last November the foundatio n organized a food festival. It was a transgender caterers food festival where the entire food was cooked and prepared by our local transgender community.

Transgender women in Pollachi display their food at the food festival organised by Sahodari Foundation and the Lions Club of Pollachi.
The Transgender Food Festival conducted in 2021 in Pollachi with Lions Club of Pollachi Town

Around 12 trans caterers participated and each one prepared one food item, totally we had 12 awesome dishes for the guests. Each dish had a price. Every caterer had a stall selling one item of what they cooked and the stalls were all next to each other. We had four main courses, and six side dishes and two desserts as choices for the food lovers.

The amount of reception and appreciation the food festival got was enormous, when we opened the festival for the public, all food got sold in just 2 hours and all the hot pots and vessels were empty. Only a little bit of soups were left.

The caterers wore aprons and caps and they felt so happy and confident. They felt so proud and so much in euphoria. None of them have ever had such appreciation and encouragement for their food. They are such talented people and because if their gender they are unable to move forward. We are grateful to the Lions Club of Pollachi and Lions Coordinator Rajasekar for supporting us for this festival.

Again in 2023, we had the food festival. This time bigger, better and want to invite more people relished on their food.

Transgender Food Festival 2023 organised by Sahodari Foundation

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