Saodari Foundation supports the education of underprivileged transgender community through various distribution of books, education materials, financial help and free laptops.

For example, recently we helped these Transgender Women who needed laptops to better their education and work (refer video).

Through our Sahodari Foundation, we approached BOSCH Bengaluru and got the used laptops in good condition from them to support these transgender women for their education and jobs.

What is of no value to someone could be immensely valuable to the others. It could change their lives for better. Transgender women Priyamani a PhD student, Anamika an aspiring professor and many such trans youth can make their dreams come true with these laptops.

Do you have a used laptop in your organisation that is in good condition which you wanted to give away for a good cause? Do you wish to help transgender persons to pursue their education for a better life? Write to us: