Sahodari Foundation offers The Sowmiya Tara Transgender Educational Scholarship Fund. This scholarship fund has been instituted in the memory […]

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Welcome to Sahodari Foundation for Transgender Arts and Culture.

Dear friends,

Welcome to Sahodari Foundation Centre for Transgender Arts and Culture. Found in 2008, it is a pioneering organisation in India which has seen milestone changes in the lives of transgender people. Sahodari Foundation’s contribution to the legal recognition of the transgender community in the country has been very notable. Read the article here .

Transgender people are marginalized and pushed to the extremes. While some of us live a dignified life owing to education and family acceptance, many of us go for begging and sex work.

Artists Sowndharya Gopi, Kalki Subramaniam and KanchanaSahodari Foundation understands what the transgender community needs. Since majority of the trans population in India are school dropouts, Sahodari has designed projects to reach out to those who deserve better lives and empower them using their own skills. Check the TransHearts, Walls of Kindness and the TransTalents Projects to see what difference we make in transpeople lives. 

See what an organisation like Sahodari Foundation with no government or international funding and which is run by a transgender persons can do to transform the lives of an invisible community in India.


Kalki Subramaniam is the founder and director of Sahodari Foundation. Kalki is a transgender rights activist, artist, poet and actor. She is an IVLP fellow, a Harvard speaker and the recipient of several awards for transgender rights activism. Recently she was conferred the International Ambassador for Life Title from TransAmsterdam organisation from Netherlands. Contact Kalki Subramaniam for seminars, lectures, workshops or media interviews: 91 + 7639741916 aurokalki at Check her website


Come! Join with us to celebrate Coimbatore Rainbow Pride Festival with various events and programs in Coimbatore District, Tamilnadu, India. We have organised some very thought provoking action oriented events which you can very much be a part of it. All events are open for the public and free! Check this Coimbatore Pride Festival page. Join in the  Coimbatore Rainbow Pride Parade. Contribute and support the Pride March. Click here. 


education-iconAre you a transgender person who wants to pursue education? Sahodari Foundation offers educational scholarships for those transgender persons who wanted to pursue their education. It could be a degree or even a skill you wanted to learn. Don’t hesitate to approach us for help. நீங்கள் திருநங்கையா, படிக்கவிரும்புகிறீர்களா? Get our Educational scholarships. Apply now! Click here


Internship Opportunities for Students

Indian and International students can now apply for an internship or short research program with Sahodari Foundation.  Sahodari Foundation accommodates only 2 students at a time in its premises for the program and accepts upto 10 students in a year. Click here to apply.


Sahodari Foundation’s Transhearts project is making a positive difference in the transgender community through art. For the past one year, the team of Sahodari Foundation has been collecting testimonials from the trans and gender non binary people who have been victims of physical and sexual violence. With the victim’s consent recently brought the testimonials of more than 250 transgender people for public viewing to protest against the shameful act of violence against trans and gender non binary people. We call it the Shut Up! show.

Check the media interview from the team: 

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