Welcome to Sahodari!

Welcome to Sahodari Foundation, the Centre for Transgender and Women Empowerment. Sahodari is a pioneer organization in India that has been working for more than 12 years now. Since its founding in 2008, the organization has been involved always in innovative ways to reach out to the transgender community, empower then and bring out their voices to the world loud and clear.

We run various projects to empower the community. We use technology, art, films and literature to educate and empower the community. Sahodari Foundation prioritizes education, health and livelihood for the well being of the community persons.

The Thoorikai Project is the answer to the livelihood of the transgender and destitute women community. Previously known as the Transhearts project, the project aims to use the full creative potential of the transgender community and use it for their personal growth and empowerment.

The Red Wall Project encourages transgender people to speak about their lives without shame, guilt and builds their self esteem and educates their civil and human rights. Click on the links on this page to know more about the projects.

Participants write their Testimonials
The Redwall project participants

The Transgender Youth Mentorship Program helps the young transgender persons to find, evaluate and value up their self esteem, find their purpose, establish their goals and ambitions and work on it. We have held many workshops in the past and do these workshops yearly thrice.

Transgender youths benefit immensely through this programs and it also aids them financially for their education and skill trainings.

Celebrated activist Kalki Subramaniam

Kalki Subramaniam is the founder and director of Sahodari Foundation. She is a well-known activist for the transgender community in India. The multi talented Kalki is an award winning activist, an artist, writer, a famous inspirational speaker and a transgender woman herself.

Under Kalki’s leadership, hundreds of transgender women have found their inspiration and guidance to live a respectable live. She speaks at Universities and Corporates to bring inclusivity, respect and change. Contact Kalki to invite her to seminars, workshops, speaking engagements and corporate sessions including D & I training on gender diversity, equality and inclusion. Visit this page for more details.

Please visit : www.kalkisubramaniam.com or call: +917639741916 to book your session.

It doesn’t matter if your son is a daughter or your daughter is a son. What matters is how good you are to them as a father or a mother.

Kalki Subramaniam

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Sahodari!

  1. Isha

    First of all, I am so grateful to you people for doing such a wonderful job. Kudos and god bless all the good-doers. Secondly, I am girl who wants to serve in some way. Is there any work available that I can do or volunteer to do. Transgenders are no different, they are completely normal but the fact that a lot of people don’t understand this triggers me. I want to be a part of their lives and see whats their world is like. If its okay, please tell me about the volunteer work that I can do fpr them.


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