Celebrate Pride 2024 with Sahodari

Get involved with Sahodari Foundation’s Pride Month events. Whether you are a queer person, an ally, a friend wanting to participate and show support, or an organization looking to partner for an event, there are so many ways in which you could celebrate Pride month with Sahodari Foundation. 

Sahodari Foundation was one of the very first organizers during the very first Chennai Pride month celebration way back in 2008.  It was Sahodari Foundation that started the Pride Legacy in Coimbatore in 2010 with its first Pride Walk with just six people walking. From 2019, we have organised series of Pride event and a Pride March with hundreds of persons from the queer community, families friends and allies participating and walking in rainbow colours. 


Here is a video:

Past Events

Pride Events of Sahodari 2024

From Sahodari Foundation we are organizing the follwing programs for the June Pride Month 2024. Get invovled, support and celebrate Pride month with these events. 

The Red Monologues are testimonials told by transgender adults on the sexual violence and abuse they experienced and how the transgender community is vulnerable.
12 transgender persons tell their stories and seek out justice and punishment for the perpetrators.

This event is only for people who are 18+.
Enter the event on 1st June 4 pm with this link: