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Kalki Subramaniam

Welcome to Sahodari Foundation Centre for Education, Arts and Media. Do you know that the Transgender / intersex people are the most neglected and stigmatised people in our society? They are completely marginalized and pushed to the extremes. While some of them live a dignified life owing to education and family acceptance, many of them go for begging and sex work.

See what a project like Sahodari Foundation Centre for Education Arts and Media, which is run by a transgender woman can do to transform the lives of an invisible community in India.


Kalki Subramaniam, Founder

aurokalki at gmail.com

Contact Kalki for seminars, lectures, workshops or media interviews: 91 + 7639741916

Kalki Subramaniam with the Judges at National Judicial Academy

Kalki Subramaniam with the honorable Judges at National Judicial Academy

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