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Kalki Subramaniam

Welcome to Sahodari Foundation Centre for Education, Arts and Media. Do you know that the Transgender / intersex people are the most neglected and stigmatised people in our society? They are completely marginalized and pushed to the extremes. While some of them live a dignified life owing to education and family acceptance, many of them go for begging and sex work.

See what a project like Sahodari Foundation Centre for Education Arts and Media, which is run by a transgender woman can do to transform the lives of an invisible community in India.


Kalki Subramaniam, Founder

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Kalki at Montfort School,Yercaud

Kalki at Montfort School,Yercaud

Teaching gender diversity and gender equality to children

The importance of teaching Indian Children to celebrate and respect Gender Diversity and Gender Equality and how teachers have a major role to play… Read Kalki’s blog